Weighted Blankets - Therapeutic Comfort

by Rocket SEM on March 15, 2021

Dog with Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are proven to reduce stress and anxiety through Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy. 
DTP is scientifically proven to help the body release serotonin, which produces a natural calming effect
to stressful situations.

Weighted blankets are a versatile product, with many applications in the most diverse of situations dealing with animals of any kind.

Practical Application in Hospital
 Pre-Anesthetic Therapy
o Encourages serotonin production
o Eases transition from pre-med to induction
 Smooth Transition into Recovery
o Reduces need for chemical or physical restraint
 Anesthetic Recovery
o Spays, Neuters, Dentals, select Orthopedics, etc
 Sedation Recovery
o Broken toenails, bandage/splint placement, etc

Practical Application in Home
 Anti-Anxiety Home Treatment
o Drug-Free
o Fear-Free
o User friendly

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